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Improving performance is a major concern for both amateur and professional athletes. Amidst the various ways to improve athletic performance, many consist of products banned by different sports associations or federations. More and more athletes are turning to alternative methods to improve their athletic performance. Among the approaches that have aroused serious interest in recent years is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is well known in the treatment of sports injuries. However, it can also be very useful for optimizing and increasing athletic performance. Specifically, acupuncture can play a role in recovery after a training or competition, in speeding up the healing of injuries, in the optimization of cardiovascular capacity and endurance, in the reduction of stress and anxiety before the competition and several other factors.

Here are some of the ways acupuncture can help you perform better:

Increase concentration and reduce stress

Before and during the competition, as well as during training, acupuncture can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve concentration, which has its importance in performance.

Accelerate and improve recovery after training

The recovery period after a training is of fundamental importance. It is during this period that the benefits of the training take place. Acupuncture can help shorten the recovery period to allow you to optimize your training.

Decrease muscle fatigue

Acupuncture can reduce muscle fatigue and aches during and after your training or other intense physical activity.

Accelerate the healing of sports injuries

One of the most studied and documented actions of acupuncture is undoubtedly the treatment of muscular and joint injuries and pains. For the athlete and sport enthusiast, returning to his or her training regimen quickly is of paramount importance. Treating injuries effectively and quickly is also important to avoid missing competitions or events.

Support the immune system

Overtraining and overwork can negatively affect the immune system. Acupuncture can support the immune system and allow you to stay healthy and energetic.

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Why our approach can effectively help you perform better

Whether you are a high level athlete or a weekend warrior, acupuncture can help you perform better and enjoy your favorite sport even more.

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Here is how we can help you to relieve your pain



Assessment of the root cause

Pain is not always felt where the real problem is. To ensure lasting results, we carefully evaluate your situation and identify the source and contributing factors to your problem.



Specific treatment plan

Once we have identified the cause of the problem, we establish a precise and effective treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and objectives.



Targeted acupuncture treatments

Using advanced acupuncture techniques, combined with tuina massage and some Chinese medicine products, we relax muscles and fascia, reduce inflammation and re-balance your nervous system to help you heal your pain and to prevent recurrence.



Targeted recommendations

In order to ensure optimal results, we can recommend specific exercises, give you nutrition advice or Chinese medicine supplements.



Lasting results and optimal performance

Once we have relieved your pain, we can work on preventing to them from recurring, allowing you to maintain an optimal state of health.

Excellent treatment! Excellent results!

Or, just call 450 500 2963 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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